(Issued June 2021)

Techie Crafts is considered to be an essential enterprise no matter what the situation is. In June 2021, the Governor of the State of New Hampshire lifted restrictions and it’s State of Emergency as well as the Stay at Home 2.0 Order.

Techie Crafts is a single person band, so the Chief Artist has been home since original order in March of 2020.

Techie Crafts attempts to ship all items at the same time, within the 3 to 5 business day window.

Techie Crafts does use clean materials to ship items going out. All items are sterilized using clean wipes, etc.

If an event the Chief Artist develops issues, the business will be closed for that time.

Items will be shipped to the US only, and has been the policy since the beginning.

Returned items must meet the return policies. Items will be taken into isolation; then sterilized  for a few days before being restocked.

Policies can change at any time.