Why Self Control Matters in a Technical Professional

Let’s face it, you software addicted hackers don’t really care for soft-skills in the real world. You are the type of person who gets angry on a Facebook group, when someone else, of their own property does something that align to your technical views. I dunno, taking an ol 2500 telephone and turning it into a lamp?

Or enjoying outrage using busted RAM to make earrings?

Or are you the jackass that likes to control a user’s experience because you have nothing better to do because you chose to work in a specific field of controlling users in Microsoft’s Active Directory?

Are you the dick that likes to say “no” to someone because it empowers you?

Or are you the moron who loves to say “we” when things go right, and the moment snots hit the fan, it’s always “your” fault and “you” becomes a weapon for power.

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you need to take as cold look of yourself in the mirror and realize the only way for the best control and self regulatory emotional control - is really you.

People (err “end users”) love to admit behind their back they hate you. They think you’re a prick. You constantly berate them, you constantly use slurs like “lusers”, “sheeple”, or “n00bs” or the goddamned legalese “end user” language, and dehumanize them at the same time. You may be screwin’ the boss to get the CIO seat to continue cutting costs and creating a cat chasing the remaining tail because your business loves to cut, cut and cut, while the rest of your enterprise is considered to be the “hero” because apparently Information Technology and it’s poor departmental model appears to be doing good, when you’re really the evil person in the entire business.

Don’t order your “end users” how to think of you, you can only control yourself as a human, you can order a Domain Controller like a slave, but in reality, you can only control your experiences.

Hence, the Ctrl-U campaign.