Customized Orders are for people who want specific items for even more niche users of technology. Examples are listed here, contact me for more offers and quotes.

Sent to acquaintance of Steven, who also works for Avid Technology, and their newer logo makes a good crafty project as a thank you for her giving Steven a tour of their Massachusetts plant in 2019.

Custom LEGO Projects:

Projects that use the standard plastic building platform used by many of all age groups; but done with more detail; careful attention so minifigures aren’t left behind where LEGO stops.

Some projects included:

• Electronic News Gathering Vehicles

• Radio Broadcast Studios

• First Responder Command Stations

  1. Event Production Trucks

  2. Telephone Company Field Repair Vehicles

Podcasting Solutions:

A rise of podcasting equipment has been on the rise since COVID19 hit the United States in 2020. However do you want to look more professional? Contact Techie Crafts for purpose-built consoles, and other production furniture at fraction of the cost of say the ones you find for the big-boys. Click to get additional information


Depending on the project in hand, TC can build with new OTS components from Lego or third party sellers directly. You will get the entire kit even if the items not used are built. Click to learn more.

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